A reverse engineered post

I asked Chat GPT if it could create a stylesheet based on analysing a piece of writing. It said it could so I fed it my previous post. I then asked if it could generate an article.

My prompt was: "Would it now be possible to use the above style guide to write an article? The article would be of similar length to the previous example text and it’s topic would be about how to be effective in managing a calendar and being productive in a work environment. It’s audience would be senior leaders in fast moving growth businesses."

So - here we go, Chat GPT 4, being me. What do you think? Does this sound like the sort of thing I would write?

(Everything below this point is AI-generated)....

Calendar Confusion or Time Triumph?

Ever found yourself staring blankly at your overbooked calendar and thought it's more of a time trap than a tool? Trust me, been there, felt the overwhelm. Sometimes, managing my calendar feels like trying to tame a wild beast. And yet, as someone who's navigated the treacherous waters of startup growth, I've unearthed some nuggets of wisdom on this. Stick around, and I might just spill the beans!

It's About Time... Literally

The paradox of time is that the more you try to chase it, the faster it seems to run away. There were instances in my early leadership days where I felt, despite working longer hours, I achieved less. Odd, right? But soon enough, I discovered it wasn't about how much time I had, but how I used it.

Over the years, from countless board meetings to spontaneous coffee catch-ups, I've collected some time management trinkets – each holding a lesson in calendar alchemy. And oh, the return on this kind of investment? Let's just say it's better than Bitcoin on its best day!

The Calendar Chronicles: My Top Tips

  1. Prioritize, Don't Procrastinate. Before jumping into the day, list your top three tasks. And I mean, the ones that'll make you feel like a champion if they're crossed off.
  2. Block-Buster. Literally block time. Whether it's for focused work, brainstorming, or even a breather. Your calendar isn't just meetings; it's a reflection of your day's intent.
  3. Embrace the Power of 'No'. Not every invite warrants a 'yes'. Be discerning. After all, every 'yes' is a 'no' to something else, perhaps more critical.
  4. Sync or Swim. Sync your calendars if you have more than one. There's nothing more tragic than double-booking or, worse, missing out on an important date.
  5. Delegate, Don't Drown. Got a team? Trust them. Delegate tasks and even the authority to manage parts of your calendar. Remember, it's a team sport.
  6. Audit Regularly. Every month, review your calendar. What meetings were productive? Which ones felt like watching paint dry? Adjust accordingly.
  7. Tech to the Rescue. Use apps and tools. Whether it's reminders, automated scheduling, or AI-driven insights – embrace the tech wave.

Remember the song "Time is on My Side" by The Rolling Stones? It’s more than just a catchy tune—it's a mantra! When wielded right, time can indeed be on your side.

The Clock's Ticking... What Now?If you're struggling with calendar chaos, it’s time (pun intended) to introspect. Dive deep, not just into your calendar, but into your priorities. Do you resonate with the feeling of being perpetually 'busy' yet feeling unaccomplished? If so, the problem might not be the lack of time, but the lack of intent.

For all the non-time-managers out there, fret not. It’s a skill, just like riding a bike or baking a cake. Might seem impossible at first, but once you get the hang of it, it's a game-changer.

Remember, in the ever-evolving world of business, time's your most valuable currency. Invest wisely. And perhaps, the next time you look at your calendar, it’ll be with a triumphant grin, not a weary sigh.

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