If Android is Lighting McQueen, Apple iOS is Herbie.

Lightning McQueen vs. Herbie (10/365)
Photo by JD Hancock cc

Android has 1 billion monthly active users.

1 billion!

iOS only has half the users but more than twice the developer revenue.

As a startup, which do you develop on first?

Here's the data. Benedict Evans shares some data on user base versus developer revenue in his post, "Not all users are the same", see below for his graph...

I was talking about this with one of the co-founders of Stylect - the app that helps women discover shoes, currently featured in the Apple app store in best new apps.

He explained that whilst Android has a massive user base, it's much faster to develop on iOS...

"For every iOS developer you need 2 Android developers"

Other factors to consider?

  • app store optimisation, perhaps easier on Android
  • better notification settings, perhaps better on Android
  • Apple customers perhaps have more money to spend

Another view...12 Ways Android Is Still Better Than iOS 7 via Business Insider.

As always, there are pros and cons to consider for both platforms.

Sometimes it just comes down to the experience of the team.

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