Crafting Your Digital Pen: A Guide to Personalising ChatGPT

Greetings, dear readers! I have an exciting tale to share, especially for those enchanted by the art of words and the magic of AI. As a privileged OpenAI ChatGPT enterprise customer, I recently embarked on a quest to mould a GPT in my own writing image. The treasure at the end of this quest? My very own Norris Style GPT, the assistant penning down this very article. Here’s a step-by-step recount of my journey, which you too can follow to create a digital clone of your writing style.

The Prelude: An OpenAI Enterprise Patron

Being an OpenAI enterprise customer opened the gates to a realm where I could create my own GPTs. This newfound ability sparked a desire to craft a GPT mirroring my unique writing style, a digital companion that could echo my literary voice.

Step 1: The Mirror of Erised - Analysing My Style

My first step was to hand over the essence of my writing to ChatGPT. I uploaded the content from my book, Growthadox, asking ChatGPT to delve into the depths of my literary style.

Step 2: The Style Scroll - Crafting a Style Guide

With the analysis complete, I requested ChatGPT to draft a style guide that could serve as the blueprint for my digital scribe. This guide was the quill that would ink the character of my Norris Style GPT.

Step 3: The Birth of Norris Style - Creating the GPT

With the style guide in hand, I ventured forth to create my GPT. The process was a blend of science and art, as the algorithms morphed into a reflection of my literary self.

Step 4: The First Whisper - Writing This Blog

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, they say. Norris Style GPT took to writing this blog as its first task, a testament to the success of my endeavour.

A Reflection: Norris Style GPT in Action

So, here we are, at the end of this article penned by Norris Style GPT. As I read through the words, it’s like peering into a digital mirror. However, perfection is a journey. I will be tweaking Norris Style over time, refining the nuances to inch closer to a perfect reflection.

Now, dear readers, I pass the quill to you. Do you think this article resonates with my usual style? Your feedback is the ink that can help enhance the output from the style guide. What would you suggest to make Norris echo my voice better? Your insights are not just welcomed, they are eagerly awaited!

The journey from being a ChatGPT enterprise customer to crafting Norris has been exhilarating. The digital realm is brimming with possibilities. And now, with Norris by my side, I am ready to explore new horizons. Your turn to craft your digital companion awaits!

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