Ecommerce: More visits now from mobile than desktop

You'll remember this picture. We humans are very good at recalling pictures.

You'll also perhaps associate this thought with the image... "I remember it was in about 2014, about 7 years after the introduction of apps and mobile internet, that online mobile shopping became more
important than online desktop shopping".

The data is from Shopify, based on data from over 100k ecommerce stores that they host on their platform.

It's not just impressive that the 50/50 balance has now been breached. More impressive is that this has been at the same time as a massive growth in ecommerce. Mobile going from a standing start to a 50%+ share shows that increasingly our go to devices are those in our pockets.

I heard it said that "what can go digital will go digital". I think it also makes sense to say "what can go mobile will go mobile".

This trend will only accelerate as retailers build better and better apps and as connectivity improves (4G going mainstream, wifi coverage more dependable).

Ecommerce businesses take note. Think mobile first, desktop second.

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