Friday Feeding Vol. 1

Each Friday I will post an article highlighting the 5 best posts that I've read over the week that I'd like to share.

Here's Volume 1...

Steve Blank @sgblank
Is this startup ready for investment

  • Steve explains the model he uses to explain the 9 phases a startup goes through from idea to being ready for investment

Guy Turner via Red Rocket Ventures Blog @guyhturner
How to Think About Startup Models & Strategies

  • Great article with a simple framework that can be used to evaluate whether a startup business model is likely to work, particularly useful for considering sales channel versus pricing strategy

Nic Brisbourne at Forward Partners @brisbourne@brisbourne
The key to Whatsapp’s success? Focus on product

  • The exit of the year so far and one great photo sums it up

First Round Review @firstround
Take Your Fundraising Pitch from Mediocre to Memorable with These Storytelling Tips

  • tips from Oren Jacob, ex-Pixar and co-founder of ToyTalk highlights some great storytelling tips which if used well by entrepreneurs can really help a pitch come alive

John Maeda via KPCB @johnmaeda
Three Principles for Using Design Successfully

  • Product and design are increasingly core to success and will be the key comptetency that matters. Thinking of design in a holistic way matters. In terms of practically what that means, John suggests 3 great principles to bear in mind

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