Friday Feeding Vol. 17

Each Friday I share 5 articles that I found interesting or useful.

This week, these 5 stood out...

Good listeners
by David Lee

  • An entrepreneur has lots of people giving them opinion on the best way forward. Ultimately they need to make their own decision. David says it well when he says, a good listener is "someone who synthesized different inputs and processed those inputs to help guide a decision."

4 Mistakes New Product Managers Make by Matt Schnitt

  • Good tips here from Matt for Product Managers, new and experienced alike. My favourite: "Thinking only about solutions"

8 Rare Gems from Heidi Roizen on Building a Fulfilling Life and Career via First Round Review

  • Great wisdom here from Heidi. In particular, "If you’re not doing something hard, you’re wasting your time" and "Your boss is not thinking about you. Your peers are not thinking about you. You need to think about you."

Why do we procrastinate, drink too much, and cheat on our diets? by Jim Stone

  • I came across this article on Quora. A fascinating look at how our perception of pain and pleasure in the future and present can shape our motivations (for better or worse).

Investor Updates by Aaron Harris

  • I was asked this week by an entrepreneur what a good investor update would look like. Aaron's suggestions here are a great place to start.

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