Friday Feeding Vol. 19

Each Friday I share 5 articles that I found interesting or useful.

This week, these 5 stood out...

The Trust Thing by Roy Bahat from Bloomberg Beta

  • I do like Roy's writing. Here he talks about building trust with founders and why it matters. Lots of truth here.

Restaurant Watches Old Surveillance And Shares Shocking Results On Craigslist by Maia McCann

  • Restaurants and smartphones. Fascinating: comparing NYC restaurant 2004 vs 2014; CCTV reveals true behaviours.

Let’s Not Schedule Phone Calls Anymore by Philip Kaplan

  • I remember what work was like before the internet. We never scheduled calls back then unless it was a conference call. Two way phone calls were not some that we scheduled. I wonder why that's changed?

Forget the Wisdom of Crowds; Neurobiologists Reveal the Wisdom of the Confident by Emerging Technology from the arXiv

  • The wisdom of crowds breaks down when people are biased. Now researchers have discovered a simple method of removing this bias–just listen to the most confident.

The Talent Hackers Manifesto by Matt Buckland

  • Matt presents a new framework to think about recruitment.

"Hopefully we can avoid the pitfalls of buzzwordism if we make a clear distinction as to what a "Talent Hacker" actually is. Firstly, I don't believe it's a job title at all. Talent Hacking is a methodology. At best it's a philosophical stance taken by a recruiter to adapt and experiment and at worst it's the sharing and usage of a number of disparate tools to expedite hiring."

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