Friday Feeding Vol. 2

Each Friday I post an article highlighting the 5 best posts that I've read over the week that I'd like to share.

Here's Volume 2...

Oliver Emberton @oliveremberton
If you’re not pissing someone off, you probably aren’t doing anything important

  • The biggest smiles of the week by far from this blog post. An good point made well.  In fact, hilarious.

Forbes @forbes
The Future of Venture Capital, Tech Valuations and the Fate of Tech Incumbents - Conversation with Bill Janeway

  • Interesting interview with Bill Janeway of Warburg Pincus bringing 40 years of experience to the table

Kinjal Adeshara via Brandwatch @adeshara_kinjal
10 Powerful Ecommerce Marketing Trends that will Dominate 2014

  • Trends in the eCommerce space to be aware of, useful overview

Teresa Torres @ttorres
The 3 Pillars of Building Great Products

  • sound advice for Product Managers, especially those running teams

Pedro Pereira @InovPedro
TOP UK Startup Events

  • A very useful list of UK events relevant to startups and internet businesses

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