Friday Feeding Vol. 4

Every Friday I collate the 5 articles that I'd most like to share. Here's this week's top 5...

The New Market Places by @ttunguz

  • End to end customer experience is becoming more important

Bill Gates: The Rolling Stone Interview via @rollingstone

  • Long form interview with the richest guy on the planet. He sees the world as a giant operating system and wants to make it better.

12 must-haves in the perfect 2-minute pitch by @OliBarrett

  • Great advice for all of us (not just entrepreneurs on how to get your story across well in two minutes)

What You Think You Know About the Web Is Wrong by @arctictony

  • Why clicks and views don't matter. Engagement matters. 55% of visitors spend fewer than 15 seconds actively on a page

7 Proven Secrets of High-Converting Checkouts by @copyhackers

  • Studies show that 67.89% of online shopping carts are abandoned. Wow! Imagine how you could improve conversion and ROI by just focussing on this one page. Here's some really practical advice on how to just that.

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