Friday Feeding Vol. 6

I missed last Friday as I wasn't here.

I was here;


Each Friday I share 5 articles that I found interesting or useful.

Here's this week's batch...

The Ultimate Guide to Solving iOS Battery Drain
by @scottyloveless

  • This was super helpful. My phone battery now lasts a full day again. Bliss!

Google Ventures: Your Design Team Needs A War Room. Here's How To Set One Up by @jakek

  • Agree completely. We have our war room at Forward Partners and it really helps.

The New Venture Landscape by @ManuKumar

  • Pre-seed, Seed, Super-seed, Series A, Series B, C and D. What are the definitions nowadays? Manu updates us.

The Heartbleed Hit List: The Passwords You Need to Change Right Now by @mashable

  • Unless you've been stranded in the mountains without access to the news this week perhaps you might have noticed a massive security flaw exposed. You might want to change a few passwords.

When the French clock off at 6pm, they really mean it by @guardian

  • I wonder what my friends in the US would make of this? French government regulation on use of work email by time of day. My Dad's DNA tells me this is a progressive move to protect workers. My Grandma's DNA tells me this is an unneccessary and futile attempt to control enterprise and freedom, it will stifle the economy. I don't see it happening in the UK any time soon.

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