Friday Feeding Vol. 9

Each Friday I share 5 articles that I found interesting or useful.

Here's this week's batch...

Why Apple needs to fix App Store search
by Simon Morlium

  • App store search results are the new SEO. Except that it's near impossible to rank well in search for search that doesn't actually work (Apple).

Coming of Age: European Tech Exits in Q1 2014 by CB Insights

  • The UK and Germany lead in terms of number of exits
  • 11 companies sold for 9 figures or more
  • Only 14% of exits were VC backed

Lost In Translation — Don’t Mistake British Reserve For Lack Of Ambition by Robin Klein

  • Robin reflects on American excuberence versus British reserve and how this can reflect on entrepreneurs when pitching for investment

You’re Not Any Prettier at a Cheaper Valuation by Mike Collett

  • "The best investors leave valuation until the end. Startup teams can pick out shortsighted investors with how early these investors ask about pricing"

The True Meaning Of Leading By Example by Dharmesh Shah

  • "Here are a few ways to lead by example. But keep in mind if you simply go through the motions everyone can tell. If you don’t believe, deep inside, that what you’re doing is important – that what you’re doing is the right thing – then don’t do it. Everyone around you will be able to tell. People have a highly sensitive Insincerity Meter that immediately calls bull-crap."

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