The Office Move Checklist

We're moving offices this weekend.

It's my 6th office move that I've helped project manage in the past 5 years. Hopefully it's my last for another 5 years.

Before I forget, I thought I'd share my checklist. Keep this bookmarked for the next time you move office. I hope you find it useful.

It's intended to be relevant for companies with 30+ people taking their own office lease.

Some items may not be relevant depending on the set up of the office and what is available to move from the previous office.

Stage 1 - finding an office

  • Appoint search consultant
  • Negotiate lease
  • Sign lease
  • Pay deposit
  • Arrange contents insurance
  • Update public liability insurance
  • Update employer liability insurance

Stage 2 - Fit-out

  • Order internet connection
  • Select fit out company
  • Agree design / layout
  • Licence for alterations with landlord
  • Electrics and floorbox installation
  • Air conditioning adjustments
  • Ethernet trunking, cabling and patch panel
  • Build meeting space
  • Monitors for meeting rooms
  • Painting and decorating
  • Signage
  • Order access cards for main entrance
  • Put in water cooler / filter
  • Set up comms room
  • Internet connection completion
  • Set up wifi
  • Set up SIP phone lines
  • Buy conference phones for meeting rooms
  • Security alarm installation and contract
  • Keyholding contract
  • Buy furniture if needed: desks, chairs, meeting room chairs, meeting room tables, breakout tables and chairs, kitchen table and chairs, storage, reception area furniture
  • Buy appliances if needed: fridge, washing machine, microwave, toaster, kettle, coffee machine, shredder
  • Power supply extension cables
  • Crockery, glassware, cutlery
  • Whiteboards

Stage 3 - preparing for the move

  • Inform team of plans
  • Arrange moving services
  • Deep clean once fit out complete
  • Register for rates
  • Set up post re-direct
  • Fire exitinguishers and signage
  • Set up cleaning contract
  • Get a printer lease
  • Fire excape plan / procedure
  • Get spare keys cut
  • Coat stands
  • Waste paper bins
  • Cleaning equipment: vaccuum, mop, brush etc
  • Pictures / artwork
  • Plants

Stage 4 - post move

  • Set up recycling services
  • Plants
  • Register for electricity and gas accounts
  • Accident book
  • First Aid Kit
  • Employers Health and Safety Notice
  • Employee health and safety briefing
  • Change of address at Companies House
  • Inform all suppliers of change of address
  • Change of address on website
  • Change of address on email signatures

If I've missed anything let me know and I'll add it to the list.

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