A Great Company Gets Bought, Not Sold

OK, so that's not entirely true.

The sale of a company still requires a great pitch deck, great presentation skills, strong networks, hard negotiating, nerves of steel, a compelling plan for growth and a leader to believe in. That's the case if the company is being sold in it's entireity or if it's a fund raise selling part of the company.

"A great company gets bought not sold", is a reminder that the day to day job of an entrepreneur is to build something worth buying. Important decisions should be filtered through this lens.

There is always a narrative to consider about what is needed in order to attract future investors. The narrative however is a smart set of clothes and some make up.

On a day to day basis, the focus of attention shouldn't be the clothes or the make up, it should be the customer base, capacity, stamina, capability, fitness, knowledge and talent of the business.

When it's time to go dating, you want to be asked out, not the one doing the asking.

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