Friday Feeding Vol. 22

Each Friday I share 5 articles that I found interesting or useful.

Why You Don't Understand "Disruption" by Stanford's Bill Barnett

  • It's a common view that big companies struggle to innovate. Barnett sheads some light on this truism and isn't quite what it seems. "Disruption is not just about technology changing; it is about changing the logic of a business." At the heart of this lies an insight that every startup should bear in mind. Success comes from building an organisation that can deliver on the promise of innovation.

The Secret of Neuromarketing: Go for the Pain by MP Mueller of Door Number 3

  • Mueller says, "We all like to think we make buying decisions on a rational level, but neuroscientists tell us otherwise".

Zero to 147,973 email subscribers by Noah Kagan

  • Here's a great growth hacking case study on using giveaways as bait to drive email subscribers.

Being a Valuable Team Member When You're Inexperienced by Nadia Odunayo

  • I love this post. A lot of articles and posts we see are from experts. So refreshing to read good advice from someone just starting out. With an approach like this, Nadia will go far.

Robots With Their Heads in the Clouds by UC Berkeley's Ken Goldberg

  • Goldberg guides us through five elements that are shaping cloud robotics. In some ways I see the parralels with the PC. PC's in the early 90s were stand alone devices with limited utility. Thanks to the internet, the networked PC has found it's way into our pockets with uses unimagined 20 years ago. Robots looks to be very exciting in the next 20 years.

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