A History Of Ecommerce in one Basket

I've been an Amazon UK customer since 2000. My order history shows 400 orders. About £10,000 lifetime value to date.

It's a museum of recent modern ecommerce history

2000 - 1st purchase, a book

2001 - CDs

This was the soundtrack of the summer, "The Strokes; This is it"

2002 - Windows XP upgrade

(From Windows 98!)

2003 - Minidiscs

Minidiscs? I had a minidisc player? Sony's failed media format.


Looks like I discovered usability testing in 2004. "Steve Krug's Don't Make Me Think" - fantastic!

2005 - DVD player

Amazon's product range extended and so did our purchasing. Their customer service was excellent. The first unit malfunctioned and we found a replacement quickly.

2006 - iPod

From Christmas 2006 onwards, no more CDs were purchased. Amazon's loss was Apple's gain.

2007 - Digital camera

We only used this for a few years. These days we just use our phones.

2008 - VHS cassettes

Before set top boxes, we actually used these to record TV shows. For about 20 years it worked pretty well. Then Tivo came along.

2009 - A drill bit

Amazon marketplace really took off in the late noughties. It was easier to buy the drill bit online than to make a trip to the hardware store.

2010 - Toys

With the advent of an iPad in the household, my wife sourced most of our Christmas shopping on Amazon in 2011 and every year since.

2011 - Bike tyres

Amazon's iPhone app meant that it was super easy to search for the bike tyres I needed, (make, model, colour) at a great price. I probably ordered them in less than 5 minutes.

2012 - Beard trimmer

The beard started at Christmas 2011. Needed trimming in 2012.

2013 - Ipad guitar stand

Learning guitar again, I used an iPad for learning via YouTube.

2014 - 4G wifi router

When we moved to our new offices, BT had not completed our fixed line internet installation. We run 2 32 port 4G wifi routers, each with 17MB download speeds.

2015 - 2050

I'm curious to see what the next 35 years will bring. Robotics? Medical care? Food?

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