European Ecommerce in 2014 - the data

At Forward Partners we're investing in early stage ecommerce startups. We believe that there are huge opportunities in the sector.

Underpinning the opportunity are a number of trends;

  1. Improved connectivity; high speed broadband and mobile networks to become ubiquitous
  2. Improved access; smartphones bringing a a computer to every pocket
  3. Improved relevance; predictive artificial intelligence delivering personalised offerings
  4. Continued convenience; innovations in parcel delivery and collection
  5. Lower inventory risk; on demand production, drop shipping and 3D printing

Here's some data to give you a sense of the current ecommerce space....

  • 816 million people in Europe.
  • 264 million (32%) shop online (versus 16% globally)
  • c. 645,000 online businesses
  • 3,700,000,000+ parcels sent annually
  • 16.3% European growth in ecommerce year on year

The top 3 European ecommerce countries

  1. UK €107bn // 29.4%
  2. Germany €64bn // 17.4%
  3. France €51bn // 14%

The top 3 represent 61% of spend.

Source: ecommerce Europe

Ecommerce is a term that will seem dated in a few years. The fact is that commerce is undergoing a revolution in the information age and we're right in the middle of that change. Pretty soon, it will be "commerce", we'll have dropped the E (no pun intended) and the landscape of business will have changed forever.

I'm excited to be a small part of it.

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