Friday Feeding Vol. 12

Each Friday I share 5 articles that I found interesting or useful.

Here's this week's batch...

2014 Internet Trends
by Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers

  • Once a year Mary Meeker produces this excellent review on the state of the web. Essential reading for anyone working with online businesses.

The Anatomy of a Perfect Blog Post: The Data on Headlines, Length, Images and More
by Kevan Lee

  • Wow, some useful stuff here. 7 essential elements of a perfect blog post explored and explained. If you blog, I highly recommend giving this one a read.

Explaining Tranched Investments by Pradeep Raman

  • At Forward Partners we offer tranched investments in our early seed deals – although not as you might expect. My colleague Pradeep explains what is a tranched investment and how the way we do it differently can benefit entrepreneurs.

Venture capitalist to venture capitalist: we can do better by Guy Turner

  • Guy (Hyde Park Venture Partners) cranks up the survey engine to find out what entrpreneurs really think of VCs. Important data here for anyone in VC land to take note of.

How Poor Planning and Being Impulsive Can Lead to Big Wins In Life by Eric Barker

  • Fascinating. Conscientiousness is useful and valuable, yet there are benefits to not being conscientious. Conscientiousness correlates with a lot of good things — but creativity isn’t one of them.

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