When Things Don't Go To Plan

Today I'm reminded of a conversation that happened in the aftermath of a storm. I was on a campsite.

My Area Manager, Simon, said to me, "David, you don't like it when things go don't to plan, do you?"

I was in charge of putting tents up for the season on a campsite in Brittany. A massive storm had ripped through the night before and most of my tents were now upside down and blown into bushes and trees. These were heavy duty canvas tents with steel frames.

"Yeah, I guess", I replied, thinking, "doesn't everyone?"

That phrase stuck with me. "You don't like it when things don't go to plan". I hadn't seen it until then. He was right.

I set goals. By reaching them I felt good about myself. If I failed, I felt bad about myself.

I've learnt something since that day. A plan is just a plan. Reality always gets in the way. A good plan however, allows for different possible realities.

Even with a good plan, things happen that you least expect. How we react is a test of character.

Do you take it personally and blame yourself for failing to anticipate everything?

Or do you do what you can given your new situation and make the best if it?

(I used to be in the former group. Occasionally I relapse.)

Do try to think of all the things that could go wrong. Sometimes you will plan well. Sometimes you won't. How you react is up to you.

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