Friday Feeding Vol. 3

Every Friday I collate the 5 articles that I'd most like to share. Here's this week's top 5...

  1. Very useful slides on onboarding design tips from @Growthhackers

  2. High quality royalty free photos for medium style page headers, by @Sven Read

  3. I've always loved reading thoughts by Charlie Munger (Warren Buffett's business partner). Here he explains his investment strategies and uses betting analogies to keep it simple via @EHandbook.

  4. @SatishJayakumar at Bondable gives us some really practical tips on how to organise their team (tools and process). "How we run Bondable".

  5. The Euro Crunch Cometh? Seed funds have exploded in Europe. Is this good news or bad?. Interesting analysis of the changing VC landscape in Europe by @BrightSunVC. More Countries, more deals, more smaller funds.

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