We're hiring! Head of Talent, Forward Partners

The team at Forward Partners find, fund and help the very best UK tech entrepreneurs grow innovative businesses in eCommerce. We invest in very early stage companies and some of those companies will join us in our offices for the first year of their journey. During that time they have access to our team of designers, developers, product managers and marketing experts.

We help our startup companies grow their product, their business model and their team. Many will succeed or fail thanks to their ability to hire well and build strong teams. The role of our Talent Manager therefore is pivotal for our success.

The key purpose of the Talent Manager is to

  • Support our portfolio companies with hiring plans, talent acquisition and onboarding plans,
  • build HR assets and advisory services that our portfolio companies can draw on
  • and attract and retain the very best talent for Forward Partners’ core team

This is an exciting chance to work in a fun, fast moving environment at the heart of London’s tech scene. You’ll be meeting the brightest and the best on a daily basis and help build the teams creating some of the UK’s most successful startups.

Main responsibilities;

  • Work with our entrepreneurs to build a talent plan and define the roles that they are recruiting for
  • Help craft exciting job descriptions, plan posting strategy, implement individual referral schemes, careers sections on individual websites etc
  • Build and keep up to date a strong candidate database for key disciplines such as design, development, product and marketing
  • Advertise roles, headhunt, source and screen candidates
  • Interviews with final round candidates if needed
    Help entrepreneurs to close offers with their preferred candidates, keeping candidates informed at all times
  • Support, train and empower entrepreneurs in exemplary recruitment techniques from end-to-end
    Develop and maintain London job market knowledge for the tech sector, share this with portfolio companies
  • Compile a preferred and heavily discounted third parties suppliers list. Build partnerships with them to ensure they are always thinking of Forward Partners - converting them to Forward Partner advocates.
  • Build useful HR assets that can be used by current and future portfolio companies to speed up their scaling efforts
  • Connect managers in portfolio companies and build dialogue on talent management issues that they value (news, events, training etc.)
  • Actively promote Forward Partners to build awareness of what we do within the job market (e.g. attending and speaking at networking events)
  • Plan, attend and ensure Forward Partners and the portfolio companies are well represented at relevant careers fair where appropriate
  • Be up-to-date in hiring techniques that hack traditional recruitment methods

About you:

We are looking for candidates with:

  • A proven passion for innovation and the internet
  • Experience recruiting top tech talent (especially developers), including successful placements via headhunting
  • Experience placing candidates into startups (either working in-house or as a agency recruiter) having credibility and strong relationships with founders
  • Experience building a community and network of people around an employer brand
    Experience managing people within an organisation
  • Confidence to speak on behalf of Forward Partners at events

If you are interested in learning more about Forward Partners or wish to apply for this role, please get in touch here


  • Applications with a CV and covering note will be quickly reviewed.
  • CVs submitted by recruitment agencies will be quietly and politely ignored.
  • We can’t promise to reply to every application.

Thanks for your interest.

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