The Dancing Guy

When I think of inspiring people in business, there is one name that keeps coming back to me. It's not Branson or Zuckerberg or Jobs (not that they aren't impressive or inspirational).

It's Derek Sivers.

Derek was the founder of CD Baby, a startup that solved the problem of publishing and distributing music for independent artists.

There's many things that inspire me about Derek. Above all he shows a great deal of compassion and humanity. He's tenacious and humble. He applies himself.

He has a knack for writing and has an excellent blog at

I'd recommend anyone thinking of starting a business, anyone working in a startup or anyone managing a team to read his book, Anything You Want. It's a simple set of lessons learned in startup life. You could read it in a couple of hours.

If you just have two minutes to spare, there's a memorable video he did called "Dancing Guy". It won him a standing ovation at a TED conference in 2010. It's stuck in my memory ever since.

One of the most inspirational and wise videos on the subject of leadership I've ever seen. Fun. Humbling.

Here it is..enjoy!

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