Traits That I Admire In An Entrepreneur

I've met many entrepreneurs and founders and wannabe founders over the years. Some were convincing, some were not. Some of the convincing ones persuaded me to work for them. Taking the best of what I've seen so far, what are the traits that I admire in an entrepreneur?

  • They really understand the problem they are trying to solve
  • They have a strong vision of what the future will look like once they've solved the problem
  • Others follow them because they are inspired by the vision
  • They are humble enough to ask for advice and realise when they need help
  • They build a team where each individual plays to their strengths
  • They are frugal with money but generous in spirit
  • They systematically want to test every part of their business model and will change course based on feedback
  • They know their numbers; daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually
  • They have relentless energy and tenacity
  • They speak with their customers directly
  • They are open and approachable
  • Their word is worth something and they follow through on their promises
  • They can be trusted
  • They can tell a great story
  • They find it difficult to comprimise on quality
  • They can react quickly, decisively; yet manage to make time to reflect and plan ahead
  • They are positive and enthusiastic
  • To find such a person is rare but when such a person comes into your life, the rewards of supporting them with your time, money, help or attention are exponential.

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