Yoda says, "Always pass on what you have learned”

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This is why I blog. Because Yoda says so. And Yoda is always right.

Just kidding (about why I blog).

Yoda is right though, always pass on what you have learnt.

Teaching or coaching someone else requires you to sharpen your thoughts on how you do what you do or why you know what you know. You can improve yourself through teaching or coaching. Breaking the subject down in a way that can be understood by others polishes your own knowledge.

The act of coaching isn't a one way street. It's not the case that the recipient is the only one that learns. The coach learns too.

If I look back to blogs I wrote 7 years ago, I can see a step change in how I write. I think I've improved my writing style and I get far more interest now from others now than I did then. I learn by doing; in this case passing on some useful information, tips, observations or insights.

I feel lucky to have found a job where I can learn so much (from some of the best entrepreneurs in London and their teams) and feel grateful that I can offer something in return. I enjoy helping startups, passing what I've learned.

Think about what you do to pass on what you learn. Do you? Do you pass it on? If not, find a way to start.

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